780 Million Don't Have Access To Clean Water

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780 Million Don't Have Access To Clean Water




"780 Million People Don't Have Access To Clean Water"
"I have always been interested in the topic of the lack of water within third world countries. This leads to many water-related diseases, that can eventually lead to death. Additionally, the lack of clean water onset to unsanitary and unsuccessful medical practices. In the 7th grade, I did a science project on finding a more efficient manner in desalinating ocean water. Therefore, there is always a way of providing more suitable conditions for third-world countries. In my art piece, I wanted to convey that many people cannot access clean water and we must address this basic necessity as soon as possible."


Maira Olivia

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Maira Olivia, “780 Million Don't Have Access To Clean Water,” Embroidering for Peace and Memory, accessed May 25, 2022, https://embroidery.unfdhi.org/items/show/246.

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