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"Women Are Leaders Everywhere You Look"
"Since it is women’s history month, I based my topic off that. My artwork conveys that women are powerful and can take charge and lead."

"Love is Human"
"I chose an anatomical heart for subject matter because hearts represent love. I wanted to convey that love is a part of being human and hate doesn't have to be."

"780 Million People Don't Have Access To Clean Water"
"I have always been interested in the topic of the lack of water within third world countries. This leads to many water-related diseases, that can eventually lead to death. Additionally, the…

"No matter what your opinion is, the act of ignoring and erasing the truth can never be forgiven"
"It depicts part of the comfort women statue in San Fransisco. Recently, the statue caused Osaka to sever sister city ties with San Fransisco. Comfort…

"Let's Work Together"
My artwork focuses on feminism and how it requires cooperation rather than domination to achieve equality. What motivated me to do this artwork is seeing how feminism is portrayed in social media and I wanted to bring attention…

"Equal Pay For Equal Work"

"Every Life Counts"

"When Will People Become More Important Than Power"

"Do Not Mistake My Compassion For Weakness"
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