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"Save Us"
"I truly inspired by one of my greatest passions, gardening; I’ve been gardening ever since I was in sixth grade and I enjoy it so much. And in gardening I have to spend quite a lot of time with bees, and as many know bees are in danger…

"780 Million People Don't Have Access To Clean Water"
"I have always been interested in the topic of the lack of water within third world countries. This leads to many water-related diseases, that can eventually lead to death. Additionally, the…

"Is It Worth It?"
"The international pollution crisis inspired me, as there is so much waste that is not properly recycled and ruining our environment, along with the plants and animals in it. The plastic bottle is a symbol of how even one small…

"The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen"
"I love the environment and I believe that we don’t listen to its signs. If we listen to it more we can take steps to prevent pollution."

"El aqua es un derecho"
"Water is a right"
Image Description: In bold lettering "el aqua es un derecho" is embroidered on the cloth.

"Policies regarding animal rights are usually put on the back-burner due to more important political issues."
Image Description: The word Animal Equality embroidered pictured with a tiger, jellyfish, dog, and fish.


"Let's Take Care of Our Planet"
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