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"780 Million People Don't Have Access To Clean Water"
"I have always been interested in the topic of the lack of water within third world countries. This leads to many water-related diseases, that can eventually lead to death. Additionally, the…

"No matter what your opinion is, the act of ignoring and erasing the truth can never be forgiven"
"It depicts part of the comfort women statue in San Fransisco. Recently, the statue caused Osaka to sever sister city ties with San Fransisco. Comfort…

"Art is Innovation"
"I chose to embroider a flower turning into a book to visually picture how art can be innovational. Being able to use art to express new ideas is a resource that is invaluable."

"Is It Worth It?"
"The international pollution crisis inspired me, as there is so much waste that is not properly recycled and ruining our environment, along with the plants and animals in it. The plastic bottle is a symbol of how even one small…

"Llive Happy"
"I have always liked the quote live happy, and I love llamas!! In creating this piece, I combined the two to tie them both in together! I hope my artwork will encourage others, and give them an overall happy feeling!"

"The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen"
"I love the environment and I believe that we don’t listen to its signs. If we listen to it more we can take steps to prevent pollution."

"Love Yourself"
"For a very long time, I've had issues with learning to love myself. By making this piece, I can remind myself and others to love myself/themselves no matter what."

"The focus of my embroidery was peace. In recent events, there have been conflicts between the United States and Russia, Syria, and North Korea. War still continues in Syria as well as other Middle Eastern countries. I hoped to promote peace in the…

"Don't Worry, Just Breathe"
"During the month of the making of this project I was very stressed. I felt life was moving too fast and just wanted it to slow down. It was like I was doing too much stuff with not enough time and I tried to push myself…

"Let's Work Together"
My artwork focuses on feminism and how it requires cooperation rather than domination to achieve equality. What motivated me to do this artwork is seeing how feminism is portrayed in social media and I wanted to bring attention…
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