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"You Matter"
"Intended to inspire people who are suffering that their lives matter and they’re important."

"Don't Forget To Love Yourself"
"The Kpop group BTS has a message of spreading love with their Love Yourself album series. I used some of their album designs in the background of a quote (by Soren Kierkegaard), which reminds us to love ourselves.…

"Love is Human"
"I chose an anatomical heart for subject matter because hearts represent love. I wanted to convey that love is a part of being human and hate doesn't have to be."

"Llive Happy"
"I have always liked the quote live happy, and I love llamas!! In creating this piece, I combined the two to tie them both in together! I hope my artwork will encourage others, and give them an overall happy feeling!"

"Love Yourself"
"For a very long time, I've had issues with learning to love myself. By making this piece, I can remind myself and others to love myself/themselves no matter what."

"Every Life Counts"

"I want a life full of love not fear"
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