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"Don't Forget To Love Yourself"
"The Kpop group BTS has a message of spreading love with their Love Yourself album series. I used some of their album designs in the background of a quote (by Soren Kierkegaard), which reminds us to love ourselves.…

"Hvad udad tabes skal indad vindes" "What was lost will be found within"
"My work centers around the Danish saying "Hvad udad tabes skal indad vindes" meaning "What was lost will be found within." The quote speaks to me personally as it reminds me…

"The focus of my embroidery was peace. In recent events, there have been conflicts between the United States and Russia, Syria, and North Korea. War still continues in Syria as well as other Middle Eastern countries. I hoped to promote peace in the…

"Love is not violence
Women are the best creation that God made
Trust in yourself
Dominican Republic"

National Domestic Violence Hotline: (1−800−799−7233)

"Not One More
Gloria Rivas: 16 yr. old found October 2002"
Ni una Más is a movement in Mexico against femicide. Femicide is the intentional killing of women on the basis of gender and is typically committed by a man. The UN reports that…

"A woman from Costa Rica was a victim of physical abuse because her husband does not want her to leave him because she is an illegal immigrant"

National Domestic Violence Hotline: (1−800−799−7233)

National Domestic Violence Hotline: (1−800−799−7233)
RAINN: (1-800-656-4673)
Women's Center of Jacksonville:
UNF Women's Center:

"It's worth a minute more than a life on your knees"
A quote by José Martí.

"It only takes one person to make a difference"
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