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"Brown Sugar Is The Sweetest"
"Empowerment of young black women such as myself is a prime goal of this piece. They should know that they’re also recognized and appreciated and that they are some of the most beautiful creatures to ever live."

"Don't Forget To Love Yourself"
"The Kpop group BTS has a message of spreading love with their Love Yourself album series. I used some of their album designs in the background of a quote (by Soren Kierkegaard), which reminds us to love ourselves.…

"Love Yourself"
"For a very long time, I've had issues with learning to love myself. By making this piece, I can remind myself and others to love myself/themselves no matter what."

"I chose to do a face, but as you can see the face is not perfect. One side of the face is kind of crooked, while the other side is neater in order to emphasize the idea that everyone is beautiful in their own ways. I created this in order to spread…
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