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"Act For The Many"
"I decided to do a piece on minority women to bring awareness to the struggles of experiencing life in a society that is oppressive and derogative. While feminism is incorporated into the piece, the prominent part is the presence…

"Pink Is Not Only A Color"
"I chose to spread awareness toward breast cancer because it’s a topic that I feel strongly towards. This disease affected one of my loved ones and this influenced me to choose this topic. I wanted to convey that the…


"Women Are Leaders Everywhere You Look"
"Since it is women’s history month, I based my topic off that. My artwork conveys that women are powerful and can take charge and lead."

"There Is No Need To Rush. What Is Meant To Be Will Be."
"As I am nearing the end of high school I felt as though I was forced to rush all these experiences in a short time but realized that was not true. I noticed that even if I did not get into…

"You Matter"
"Intended to inspire people who are suffering that their lives matter and they’re important."

"Brown Sugar Is The Sweetest"
"Empowerment of young black women such as myself is a prime goal of this piece. They should know that they’re also recognized and appreciated and that they are some of the most beautiful creatures to ever live."

"Save Us"
"I truly inspired by one of my greatest passions, gardening; I’ve been gardening ever since I was in sixth grade and I enjoy it so much. And in gardening I have to spend quite a lot of time with bees, and as many know bees are in danger…

"Don't Forget To Love Yourself"
"The Kpop group BTS has a message of spreading love with their Love Yourself album series. I used some of their album designs in the background of a quote (by Soren Kierkegaard), which reminds us to love ourselves.…

"Hvad udad tabes skal indad vindes" "What was lost will be found within"
"My work centers around the Danish saying "Hvad udad tabes skal indad vindes" meaning "What was lost will be found within." The quote speaks to me personally as it reminds me…

"Love is Human"
"I chose an anatomical heart for subject matter because hearts represent love. I wanted to convey that love is a part of being human and hate doesn't have to be."
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