Embroidering for Peace and Memory is an annual event that takes place at UNF to commemorate Women’s History Month. Every March, students, faculty and staff from across campus gather to embroider on pieces of white cloth messages of peace and the stories of people around the world who have endured ​the violation of their rights. The project began in 2012, and so far, approximately 400 pieces of embroidery have been produced in more than 13 languages, highlighting the culture and diversity of UNF and the North Florida community. In recent years, this project has also involved students from Stanton College Preparatory High School. To highlight the importance of this initiative at our university, and to share it with the world, we have created the Embroidering for Peace and Memory Digital Archive.

Constanza López, associate professor of Spanish, leads this project, with support from the International Studies Program and the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. The archive has been built on Omeka, an open-source platform specifically designed for institutions, which is ideal for collections of digital images. Our site contains archival photographs of the embroidery, the personal stories behind the pieces, and metadata that makes the materials searchable and sortable by predefined categories.

Act For The Many Emma Martin
Women Are Leaders Imani Ashman
No Need To Rush Sarah Eva
You Matter Portia Coats
Save Us Jaylen Thomas
Love is Human Liv Barksdale
Art Is Innovation Kendall Cosper
Is It Worth It? Taylor Grace Brown
LLive Happy Sally Calhoun
Love Yourself Leigh Adams
Peace Joyce Lin
Don't Worry, Just Breathe Gabrielle Doctor
Let's Work Together Disha Gaonkar