No One Deserves Abuse

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No One Deserves Abuse




"No one deserves abuse"
Pictured above are butterflies in several different colors. Butterflies have a special meaning in reference to domestic violence, see below:

The Meaning Behind the Butterfly
In the life of a Survivor, we go through states, just like a butterfly.
First as a caterpillar, a Victim if you will.
In this stage we are not yet who we can be. We have not yet reached our full potential. We are stuck in a body we know we
don’t belong in, yet we cannot escape it.
Then we reach our Chrysalis stage.
A stage of healing, stage of transformation. We reach for freedom and obtain it, only to have many obstacles in our way. We
must regroup, and take a look inside ourselves for strength. Time taken to heal ourselves and start our transformation to
who we really are, to reach towards our full potential.
Then finally, we get to spread our wings…..
A beautiful Butterfly is Created.
We finally reach our goal as Survivors, as get to glorify in our freedom.
Know that we are no longer the caterpillar, trapped in what we can accomplish, no longer held back. There are no limits, the
world is now open to us.
We get to soar to new heights, try new things, spread our wings and truly fly!
National Domestic Violence Hotline: (1−800−799−7233)
RAINN: (1-800-656-4673)
Women's Center of Jacksonville:
UNF Women's Center:
Image Description: The phrase "no one deserves abuse" is embroidered with butterflies in different colors.

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“No One Deserves Abuse,” Embroidering for Peace and Memory, accessed August 12, 2022,

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