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Reads "Ignoramos nuestra verdadera estatura hasta que nos ponemos en pie"
"We ignore our true height until we stand up" a quote by Emily Dickinson.
Image Description: The quote translated above is embroidered with a red flower at the bottom…

"I was a victim of child trafficking"This is a testimony from a girl from Central America who was brought to the United States to dance in a competition but was instead trafficked as a minor and fortunately, was able to escape. No one knows what…

In Colombia, 200 years of conflict should give way to opportunity. Forgiveness of Peace.

Las madres de soacha (The Mothers of Soacha) is a human rights organization in Colombia. It was formed by the mothers, daughters, and sisters of 19 men killed by the National Army of Colombia under false pretenses of being guerrillas killed in…

"For a world full of peace and love"

"For a Land Free of Antipersonnel Mines," Colombia

Fabio Silva, professor of anthropology, University of Magdalena, Colombia.

He and 8 more teachers were threatened with death by paramilitary forces in charge, by the university administration.
- "What is beyond silence, mama?"
- "Beyond the…

"For All of the Fallen" "Peace" "Liberty" "Democracy"
"February - March 2014"

"I'm a man and a feminist"
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