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"Aspire to inspire before you expire"

Image Description: The phrase "aspire to inspire before you expire" is shown inside a thought bubble and at the corner of the cloth is a smiley face character.

"Stop Hate"
Image Description: The phrase "Stop Hate" is embroidered in large text.

"Cada día
más humana
Menos perfecta
Más Feliz"
more human
Less Perfect
More Happy"
Image Description: The message is embroidered in several different colors with a small rainbow and sun on the left of the cloth and an orange…

"La Paz comiensa con una sonrisa"
Translates to "Peace begins with a smile"
A quote by Mother Teresa.
Image Description: Four orange flowers are at each corner of the cloth and the quote is written in different colors. On the word Comienza, the…

Reads "Ignoramos nuestra verdadera estatura hasta que nos ponemos en pie"
"We ignore our true height until we stand up" a quote by Emily Dickinson.
Image Description: The quote translated above is embroidered with a red flower at the bottom…

"Go with the Flow"
"My project really applies to students our age who are looking at what they want to do with their lives and careers and what college they want to go to. I personally did not know what I wanted to pursue so I did the saying “go…

"Los derechos se toman no se piden; se arrancan no se mendigan" - José Martí

"I'm not afraid of state repression. I fear the silence of my people"
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