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"I chose to do a face, but as you can see the face is not perfect. One side of the face is kind of crooked, while the other side is neater in order to emphasize the idea that everyone is beautiful in their own ways. I created this in order to spread…

"The best world is your world"

Image Description: Embroidered on a cloth reads "The best world is your world" with the words "world" embroidered with light blue string.

"The color yellow really inspired my work because it’s so bright and happy. I think it’s important to inspire others to be confident in themselves in all that they do. The quote “Shine Brightly” reminds people to walk in confidence and happy…

"Un amor Un Corazon Un Destino"
"One love One heart One Destiny"
Image Description: Written on the cloth Un Amor is in red, Un Corazon is in green and Un Destino is in blue.

"Aspire to inspire before you expire"

Image Description: The phrase "aspire to inspire before you expire" is shown inside a thought bubble and at the corner of the cloth is a smiley face character.

"Different is Beautiful"
Image Description: In several different colors the phrase "different is beautiful" is embroidered.

"Why be mean when you can be nice"
Image Description: The message above is embroidered in several different colors with an emphasis on the word mean: being a bright red color.

Reads "Ignoramos nuestra verdadera estatura hasta que nos ponemos en pie"
"We ignore our true height until we stand up" a quote by Emily Dickinson.
Image Description: The quote translated above is embroidered with a red flower at the bottom…

"It's worth a minute more than a life on your knees"
A quote by José Martí.

"If you live through this with me, I swear to you that justice will prevail"
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