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"El aqua es un derecho"
"Water is a right"
Image Description: In bold lettering "el aqua es un derecho" is embroidered on the cloth.

"Fight for your rights"

Image Description: A cloth folded vertically with the bottom of the cloth showing "fight for your rights" embroidered in different colors.

"Your Body Your Rules"
Image Description: A woman with her back turned is embroidered with prominent brown braids.

"You loved her when she was born
Why don't you love him now?"
Image Description: The phrase above is embroidered with each line of the phrase being a different color.

"This artwork is used to represent the idea of women’s rights being human rights. This phrase comes from famous abolitionists and feminists, such as Sarah Moore Grimké, Angelina Weld, and Hillary Clinton. The usage of human rights makes it more…

"I was a victim of child trafficking"This is a testimony from a girl from Central America who was brought to the United States to dance in a competition but was instead trafficked as a minor and fortunately, was able to escape. No one knows what…

"For the women of Rwanda who after 1994 suffer through even worse conditions of poverty, disease, and discrimination and continue to live with the painful results of sexual torture."
National Domestic Violence Hotline:…

"It's worth a minute more than a life on your knees"
A quote by José Martí.
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