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"I chose to do a face, but as you can see the face is not perfect. One side of the face is kind of crooked, while the other side is neater in order to emphasize the idea that everyone is beautiful in their own ways. I created this in order to spread…

"Your Body Your Rules"
Image Description: A woman with her back turned is embroidered with prominent brown braids.

"This artwork is used to represent the idea of women’s rights being human rights. This phrase comes from famous abolitionists and feminists, such as Sarah Moore Grimké, Angelina Weld, and Hillary Clinton. The usage of human rights makes it more…

In April 2014, 276 girls in Chibok, Nigeria were kidnapped while attending school. They were kidnapped by Boko Harem, an Islamic extremist militant group, who opposed Western education because they believe it corrupts Muslim values. Some girsl have…



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