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"Your Body Your Rules"
Image Description: A woman with her back turned is embroidered with prominent brown braids.

"Policies regarding animal rights are usually put on the back-burner due to more important political issues."
Image Description: The word Animal Equality embroidered pictured with a tiger, jellyfish, dog, and fish.

"You loved her when she was born
Why don't you love him now?"
Image Description: The phrase above is embroidered with each line of the phrase being a different color.

"Free the Colony #PRLibre"
Image Description: Above, the phrase "Free the Colony" is embroidered with an outline of Puerto Rico and the phrase "#PRLibre" is embroidered under the outline of Puerto Rico.

"Stop Hate"
Image Description: The phrase "Stop Hate" is embroidered in large text.

"Love Always"
"I am a firm believer in the golden rule of “treat others how you want to be treated”. Though I have not been personally afflicted by the issue of bullying, I have experienced it second-hand hearing stories of how my loved ones,…

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"Why be mean when you can be nice"
Image Description: The message above is embroidered in several different colors with an emphasis on the word mean: being a bright red color.

"Cada día
más humana
Menos perfecta
Más Feliz"
more human
Less Perfect
More Happy"
Image Description: The message is embroidered in several different colors with a small rainbow and sun on the left of the cloth and an…

"La Paz comiensa con una sonrisa"
Translates to "Peace begins with a smile"
A quote by Mother Teresa.
Image Description: Four orange flowers are at each corner of the cloth and the quote is written in different colors. On the word Comienza, the…

Reads "If you sang 'Despacito' donate to Puerto Rico!"
Donations to help Puerto Rico after the catastrophic Hurricane Maria can be made here:
Image Description: The Puerto Rican flag is…
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